Meet the Team

The BRF team is always expanding during a production. The core of the team are the writers, producers and the directors. Here you get to know a few of them.

Alex Kazan

BRF Founder

Writer/Director Alex Kazan is the founding member of BRF. He started writing at a very young age and at 12 years old finished his first murder/drama novel “Lady in Red.”

As well as his own writings, Alex also directs screenplays by other writers. Among those are Adam Aryan, Maureen Alpine, and Charles Kenneth May.

Learn more about Alex here

Reed Fenton


Mr. Fenton joined the BRF team in 2015.

With over 300 episodes, features and music videos under his belt, Reed started his career in the entertainment industry as a photographer in the advertising department of LA Times. In his climb up the ladder he held different positions in production. From working the camera to post production supervisor and everything in between, Reed has done it all.  His familiarity with all positions in a production makes Reed an invaluable producer who is never left without answers and/or solutions.

Reed’s detailed knowledge of the production process means that he can produce the best schedules and budgets for any project, small or large.

Adam Aryan


British based writer Adam Aryan has been behind many of BRF’s productions. Specializing in horror and vengeance genre of stories, he plans on moving to the US to be more involved.