This movie is heavily driven by theĀ 70s and theĀ 80s Rock. Inspired by Rush 2112


  • When your deepest fear, is your only hope.


When computer programmer Ash Zimmerman is infected by an unknown disease, his only chance of survival is to break into the top-secret laboratory at area 51.

The future of earth depends on an introvert underdog computer programmer Ash Zimmerman.

Synopsis (short); In order to save earth from Alien invasion, underdog Ash Zimmerman, has to escape the hands of CIA, FBI, and the NSA, hook up with a Russian prostitute, break into Area-51, the most secure military base in the world, rescue an alien hybrid, outrun military jeeps, Apache helicopters, F16 fighters, and get the alien to his ship in time for the comet crossing the earth.

Synopsis (long);

Three days before his Beverly Hills wedding, underdog Ash Zimmerman, is sent on an emergency business trip to Vegas. Stopping at a service station, on his way to Vegas, Ash is infected with a Virus by escaped Aliens. He is told that his only antidote is with an Alien Hybrid, kept prisoner in Area 51, the most secure military base in the world.

A fast and non-stop chase begins when the secret service, CIA, FBI, and the NSA become aware of a civilian infected by an Alien virus. Placing Vegas under blockade, they have to capture Ash before the public becomes aware of any Alien existence. During the chase, Ash becomes aware of new powers that the Virus has given him. All of his senses have sharpened, as well as telepathic powers and telekinesis.

With only 48 hours before his wedding, Ash is helped by a tall sexy Russian call girl who introduces him to SPECTRUM, a group of conspiracy theorists. With their help, Ash has to break into Area 51 and rescue the Alien Hybrid in time to make it to his spaceship, traveling to an intergalactic meeting where the future of earth is being discussed. Missing the meeting could mean the end of the earth.

Chased by Area 51 security Jeeps, Apache Helicopters, and F16 fighters, Ash has to find a way to get the hybrid to his intergalactic meeting. But what about his own wedding?